SNCF Réseau Illustration kit

SNCF Réseau, the manager of the French railway network, employs over 50,000 employees and continuously communicates with diverse audiences to fulfill its mission of maintenance, safety, modernization, and development.

I have been contacted to create an illustration kit that focuses on employees and their professions.

Key message: Paving the way for sustainable mobility.

The objectives: Energize educational content, foster employee engagement, and enhance the company's internal and external image.

The collaboration

Thanks to their suggestions, my contacts simplified the design process by presenting the technical requirements right from the start.
With the prospect of overlapping projects, I reached out to Joules, a layout artist in the animation industry, for their expertise in sketches drafts.

The illustration kit

The illustration kit offers clean and minimalistic characters and settings.

The colors from the graphic charter are used to create warm, dynamic, and appealing compositions that are also descriptive.

The kit includes diverse representations of catenaries, train stations, railway tracks, mechanics, traffic agents, administration, and more. It enables the company to communicate effectively while conveying its values of inclusion and diversity.

Revitalizing the SNCF Réseau community

The idea of creating faceless characters originated from the communication team. For my part, I ensured that their body language conveys liveliness, movement, dynamism, and warmth to encourage identification and understanding among a broad audience. I arranged the colors with a focus on simplicity and contrast, enhancing image readability and evoking a dynamic atmosphere.

Thanks to

The communication team SNCF Réseau: Lucie Bourrillon, Melissa Raffin & Virginie Darrieux. They contributed to a smooth and pleasant process of work. That was awesome!
The initial design phase was particularly beneficial for me, as I had the opportunity to work directly with a client of this magnitude with complete confidence.
Joules whose craft and creativity make their support brilliant even in the middle of a heatwave.
Claire for the design-thinking among other skills. 

I discovered that I can do what I appreciate so much in good project managers and art directors I've had the privilege to work with in the recent past.

Communication team: SNCF Réseau (France)
Art Director and Illustrator: Clémence Thune
Sketch Partner: Joules Trouvé

Merci !

For more images & words (in french) check my case study.

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