From motion graphics to art direction,

check out  some selected projects I've worked on

Visual design for Adobe’s brand animations based on their new graphic guideline

Role: Graphic Designer
Client: Adobe
Studio: Very True Story

Motion graphics for Twilio’s short films presenting their new services offer

Role: Graphic Designer + Character Designer
Client: Twilio

Concept design to enhance Sncf Réseau's
new graphic guideline, for which I previously crafted illustrations and characters

Role: Art Director + Graphic Designer
Client: Sncf Réseau

Visual elements created to accompany
characters I developed for Yohana's brand communication

Role: Graphic Designer + Illustrator
Client: Yohana
Studio: Very True Story

Creation of La Simonetière's B&B global graphic identity:
graphic guideline, logo, web design, flyers, photo

Role: Graphic Designer + Art Director
Client: La Simonetière

Graphic elements and storyboards for Adobe Express social networking animated campaigns: lots of templates, logos, variations in all formats, typographic sets, etc.

Role: Graphic Designer
Client: Adobe
Studio: Very True Story

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