YES to soft mobility

As the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management, ADEME's promotes the adoption of soft 🛴 mobility 🚲.

ADEME collaborated with L’Associé to launch a web and press communication campaign. I was contacted by L’Associé to create the illustrations.

Mission 🚀

The goal was to create 5 illustrations to enhance the visibility and clarity of the message, based on the sketches developed by L’Associé's agency and approved by ADEME.

Here are the agency's sketches I received:

Brief and Creative Constraints 📝

L’Associé requested me to reinterpret their sketches with my illustrative style.

"Vibrant and expressive characterswith dynamic, welcoming cities and vegetation."

The mood board and the summary of the desired visual territory provided, emphasizied
a joyful, simple, inviting, and inspiring atmosphere, accessible to all.

Creative constraints were outlined: freedom to modify colors, characters, and vehicle shapes but retaining the approved creative ideas, framing, and composition. The challenge was to maintain the chosen pastel backgrounds for eco-design and the text/logo blocks while giving warmth and lisibility.

Solutions 🪄

After analyzing the brief and constraints, I defined the available space and color palette to propose a coherent range in line with the message's tone.This involved defining the characters' style, their attitudes, and the spatial composition.

· Space: Good visual flow between text blocks and illustrations.

· Colors: Pastel shades for eco-design, light tones for print readability, occasional color highlights for form definition.

· Textures: Textured coloring, enhancing the visual appeal.

· Character Style: Vibrant, relaxed, dynamic, and smiling characters, primarily composed of curved lines.

A Great Experience 🙌

The project management well-handled by L’Associé allowed me to focus on creativity. I proposed several tests, crucial to minimize back-and-forths, especially with multiple stakeholder reviews. This experience was exceptional for various reasons.

Working on large-scale environmental communication projects was a goal, and seeing my illustrations gain significant exposure made me proud. L’Associé's excellent project organization enabled me to concentrate on creation. Their precision demanded my technical and aesthetic precision.

Regarding eco-design, I learned there's always more to learn and share.


To L’Associé for appreciating my work and involving me in this project.
To Sévan, my initial contact, who supported me from start to finish.
To Sophie and Sévan, who explained everything about stakeholder reviews;their project management was exceptional.

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